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HCADwin versions

HCADwin is a software product from HvHadvies since 1996. HvHadvies stopped at 13 november 2017 due to retirement, but the HelpDesk is still open.

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V8.1.1.3 was released 13 Januari 2018. Stability of XREF for groups. A lot of minor improvements.
V8.0.2.3 was released 17 Februari 2016. SVG export is added when WMF is exported. EXCEL/WORD connections reduced (V8019 still available)
V8.0.0.0 was released 15 June 2015. VolHM was added to HSLunit to be recognized within HSL.
V7.9.7.6 was released 27 Februari 2015. The numerical expression evaluator was completely redesigned to overcome some strict safetly checks.
V7.9.2.4 was released 04 June 2014. HSL symbols can be connected using Slyn. Many HSLParm related features added.
V7.8.0.4 was released 07 September 2013. Adding subdirectories Simul and Xref for a better organisation of the project directory. DXF export improved.
V7.7.2.1 was released 19 May 2013. Internal editor using more colors.
V7.6.0.8 was released 10 July 2012. HSL symbols with demo HUP.
V7.4.5.6 was released 07 November 2011. PsxCad V4 connection facilitated. HSL upgraded.
V7.1.6.7 was released 10 December 2009. PsxCad connection facilitated.
V7.1.3.6 was released 11 September 2009. HCSimul supports the expression evaluator to accomodate the scenario's for training.
V7.1.1.6 was released 22 August 2009. HSLunit.pas is adjusted to enable the LIMSTATE2 in the HSL for guaranteed clamping.
V7.1.0.0 was released 31 May 2009. Autorouting improved. Line thickness for printing slightly adjustable.
V7.0.9.0 was released 23 April 2009. HCADmem.DLL is updated for communication HCADwin/HCADweb.
V7.0.8.0 was released 27 March 2009. HSLunit.pas is updated to accomodate general alarm acknowledge for TS and LIB extensions.
V7.0.3.1 was released 12 November 2008. HSLunit.pas is updated to accomodate sizeable alarmlists and asymmetrical valves.
V7.0.1.7 was released 25 September 2008. HCADweb includes USB for ESD.
V6.9.9.1 was released 07 June 2008. Multiple Questions in symbol dialog.
V6.9.7.7 was released 23 April 2008. Procedure page adjustments. Initial install changed.
V6.9.3.0 was released 11 December 2007. PopUp symbol. HCE more complete.
V6.8.7.5 was released 04 September 2007. OpenGL demo for TRANSPORT.
V6.8.1.1 was released 07 April 2007. CrossPlatform for Siemens Step 7 and IEC1131 fully functional.
V6.8.0.1 was released 18 Februari 2007. HCSimul Record/Replay added.
V6.7.0.5 was released 07 October 2006. The trendbuffer is doubled in size (24 minutes at 100 msec) and extended (4 hours at 1 sec).
V6.5 was released 04 April 2006 with a new DBF/DBH/NSA driver
V6.0 was released 17 August 2004. Because V6.0 supports a TAG width of 25 characters (was 20), some information can be lost when a V6.0 project is loaded into a previous version.
V5.0 was released October 2002 as the first NEM release.
V3 and V4 were early windows versions from 1996 thru 2002.
V1.0 upto V2.28 were DOS HCAD versions from 1992 thru 1999.

First SVG export example.