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Some "How can I...??" questions about HCADwin will be aswered here.
(with thanks to my enthousiastic users!)
This FAQ will be supported in the HelpWeb. This can be downloaded and updated from the download page

  1. 22-01-2001 How to get arcs drawn for the transitions
    When drawing transitions on state diagrams, just start drawing lines, but start and end at the border of State symbols. Change the tagname of the transition into a valid TAG (some output made in the normal logic elsewhere). Also fill the TAGdetails (SERV, QUAL and DES fields). You'll see a one to four lines text for the transition. When placing the text rectangle over the middle point of a transition, the arcs are shown. When clicking near the end points or middle point of a transition, the Move command is assumed and the point can be replaced.

  2. 30-01-2001 How to rename tags in a selected range of pages
    Click the DB tab to enter the database browser or give a L command on the symbol you want to change. Change the tag in the TAG column and give <Enter> while the cursor is in the TAG column. HCADwin will prompt you to enter a range. The new and old tag will both in the database.

  3. 18-02-2001 How to alter the page height for larger cadres
    On normal pages the four vertical lines are drawn to distinguish the input-, logic- and output section of a page. These lines are drawn from the top to the bottom minus KADERH. So include in the CNF the statement: KADERH=120 (or any other number between 30 and 300) when you want 120 pixels space for your cadre underneath. Default value of KADERH=80.

  4. 3-01-2004 How to obtain the latest FAQs and tips and tricks 
    Download the latest (from V5.3) version of HCADwin and download the latest HelpWeb also. This FAQ is continued in the online help. The demo version of HCADwin is able to read the help. Read the Read Me page for installation procedures.

  5. 7-11-2008 How much memory is used by HCADwin
    The largest project HCADwin has handled, was simulating 5500 pages with 206.000 variables in the RTDB. When HCADwin was animating, HCSimul executing, HCTrend trending and a webserver communicating, the total amount of memory was less than 140Mb.

More questions in the Dutch version.