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Logic Examples

Here is an example of some logic:

Logic Example

This is the normal HCADwin screen (V4), showing a logic page (181) of project EF-DCS. Normally the full screen is used. Every logic page has an input section for real inputs and references from other pages on the left hand side. On the right hand side is the output area for real outputs and references (The references shown here can be referred to on up to 5 pages). In between any logic and control can be found.

Drawing in HCADwin is fast! Just position your cursor (the blue cross) on the appropriate spot and type an H to get the horizontal line. Or use the mouse. Note that the vertical lines give way for the horizontal ones. This is done automatically.
Just copy and drop symbols over the lines and the lines will be cut. With a C command on a symbol, it can be resized (if allowed) and parameters like tag names can be changed. Doing so, the cross-reference page(s) will be altered at the spot. Visit other pages by PgUp/PgDn or the navigation buttons besides the blue N (for New page) or click on the recently visited pages tabs next to 181.

Compile and run your project. (The blue basket and the fast forward sign on the toolbar) The designed logic can be monitored in the above screen. Boolean connections will show there status by color (red=true), other signals will reveal there value in the status line when the cursor is on a line. Just click on inputs to toggle or alter the values.

Example of other page layout and different symbols.

The NEMFCD example shows some compact other logic symbols. Note that the crossing of the lines shows a different gap strategy. Note also that the input/output section is downsized to only 2 grid heights and that the line numbering is used (and automatically kept) to refer to other pages using an alternative (systematic) page numbering system.

Another example of page layout and different symbols for input/output.

This Landscape A4 example shows some other logic symbols on a different page layout. Note here that the input/ouput section is downsized to 4 grid heights and that the line numbering is also used (and automatically kept) in again a different way.
Both examples are exported to GIF by HCADwin using the special keys <Alt><F7>. This feature enables you to create some documentation. Export to WMF is possible too.

This example was made using HCADwin V7776 with a state diagram and animation